Chicago Marathon Lottery: Fate

My Llama Ladies and I had officially caught the marathon bug not even halfway through our training program. We loved the accomplished feeling at the end of a long run and were determined to keep it going.  We found ourselves talking about our next big race on these runs and it was this energy that fueled us through countless miles.

We all agreed that a fall race would be perfect, whether it be the Niagara Half or a full somewhere else.  Our excitement led us to enter for lottery bids to New York City which boasted no “winners” for our group.  Ashley found the information for the Chicago Marathon Lottery Bid and all three of us entered.  The odds were stacked against us: nearly 71,000 entered the raffle and only 45,000 would receive bids.

On the day the marathon bids were being announced, we all very impatiently checked our e-mails and the race site, hoping to see an accepted bid.  Michelle checked her computer in between her phys. ed classes while Ashley was hacking into Wi-Fi connections throughout Europe!

Ash was the first to find out her bid was accepted, then mine came through and finally Michelle’s.  Michelle tried to be trickster and pretend she didn’t get in, but thankfully she was only kidding.  When we realized that the three of us all got in, we agreed that it was fate and a once in a lifetime opportunity that we just couldn’t pass up!lotterybid

After some whirlwind conversations and plenty of peer pressure from one another, we all accepted our bids for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon to take place in the middle of October.  We were so excited for the next marathon that we had to remind ourselves we still hadn’t completed our first one yet!

We put our heads back down and refocused on the Buffalo Marathon!


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