Countdown to Chicago

Now that the Buffalo Marathon is behind us, it is time to start looking towards the next big race…the Chicago Marathon!  Despite already accepting my bid and booking a hotel room for the run, I still can’t believe I will be running in such a prestigious race.ownchicago

The turnaround time for this next marathon is pretty tight.  #TeamLlama only has 20 weeks to recover and train but I think we will be able to manage.  Our next training program is only 16 weeks long in comparison to our 22 week guide for the Buffalo Marathon.  We built a solid base during our last training program that I think will carry us through this one.


This is a lifesaver after long runs!

This past week I have been recovering and resting my legs in preparation for the next training program which won’t start until July.  I have kept my legs slightly active to get the lactic acid out of my system with some biking and walking.  I also have been stretching as much as possible along with evening rollout sessions with my Pro-Tech Roller Massager.  It’s pretty painful but will be worth it in the long run.

I am eager to get back into training and find myself fighting the urge to get back out running NOW, but I know that this is important to success in Chicago.

So now I can officially say that the countdown to Chicago has begun! Only 133 days to go!


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