Finally Friday!

Goodmorning everyone and Happy Friday!  I don’t know about you but I thought this week was very long and very busy.  I am ready for a weekend filled with sunshine and relaxing.

So Wednesday was National Running Day and I am fortunate enough to have an amazing running store nearby.  This is the store that I do my marathon training with but they also offer free group runs on Wednesday nights.  For the whole month of June, they will be hosting Asics sponsored photo scavenger hunt runs and I have to say that the first one was so much fun!scavhunt

When I arrived to the store, I was handed a small paper that included the photo scavenger hunt list.  Each item on the list was something that could easily be found on our traditional Park loop.  The rules were simple, the person who captured the most photos and got back to the
store the quickest would win a great goodie bag of Asics gear.

Russell and I were looking over the list before we started so we could be prepared for the run.  A lot of the photos were selfies and we had an absolute blast trying to get all the pictures.  My absolute favorite photo on the list was the Selfie of you and a Buffalo!  We run right past the Buffalo Zoo and I always give the Buffalo a shout when I pass.

Russell and I managed to capture 10 of the 11 photos (the food truck eluded us) but were not anywhere near the front of the finishing pack.  It was fun to see the other runners taking selfies along the way and capturing their run on camera.  I will definitely be back next week!
photo 1

Last night I went for a 4 mile run after I was done coaching.  I am a volunteer coach for a team of U13 girls soccer players and they are awesome!  Last night we had a huge group at practice so could really work on their skills, field shape and of course, have a little fun.

I always tell my parents that when the girls have a good practice, are motivated to work hard and have some fun, that it re-energizes me to continue coaching.  This weekend, my girls are playing in a tournament and I can’t wait to see how they’ve improved.  The impressive thing about these girls is that they have gotten better every single week!

Well I am off to host a weigh-in for the work “Lose to Win” competition then it’s back to work for me!  Have a great weekend, enjoy the sun and get moving!


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