Tournament Recap

Is it just me or do Mondays seem to sneak up on us?  Today is actually going by quick as our work load is a bit more manageable.  Later in the afternoon my department is taking part in some cross training so it is shaping up to be a great Monday!

As I told you on Friday, the girls I coach played in a tournament this weekend and they did great!  They were guaranteed two games on Saturday and if they played well, they would be able to advance to the semi-finals on Sunday morning.

The team I coach is a true u13 team, meaning that all of our players were under the age of 13 as of August 1st of 2013.  With soccer however, most leagues and tournaments (including the one we just competed in) do not have a u13 division so they combine the u13 and u14 teams.

Our first game was Saturday morning against a team that we play during our regular season.  The girls just played this team on Monday and tied so we knew it was going to be a good game.  Our girls came out on Saturday morning though and absolutely dominated the game!  They won 10-1 this time around and were very proud of themselves.  They were passing the balls to feet and were making great crosses.

After the game I went home to help my mom around the house a bit and got a quick 4 mile run in despite the heat.  The girls didn’t have their second game until after 5 so they had plenty of time to refuel and recharge.  The next game was against a more athletic team and our girls even commented how this game was harder than the morning but they were tough and won 3-0!  They brought the same passing skills from the first game into the second.

Winning both games on Sunday earned us a spot in the semi-final game on Sunday morning.  The team we were playing was a true u14 team and they were much larger than our girls.  I could not have been more proud of how well they played this weekend.  They lost in the semi-finals with a score of 1-0 which is by no means a blowout.  They were competitive all weekend and pushed themselves to play better even when they were tired.

Later on Sunday, I went disc golfing with my mom and dad but the trip was cut short after we were swarmed with mosquitoes.  The ground wasn’t quite as dry as we thought so we stopped after 13 holes.  I made a bet with my dad that the loser would have to buy ice cream and even though I lost by 6, he still bought ice cream 🙂

My disc of choice on Sunday

My disc of choice on Sunday

Tonight I have a soccer game of my own to play in and it is a perfect day for it!  My team will be short a few players so I hope we have enough to play.

My lunch break is over so it’s back to work for me! Enjoy your Monday!


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