Halfway through the Week

Happy Wednesday everyone! This week seems to be flying by which is great because last week was a drag!  Work is fairly slow again today so we are just catching up on other areas that fell behind during our rush last week.

Monday night I had my second game back and it was awesome – my team won 8-1.  It was a fun game to play in because my team could really pass the ball and run against this particular team.  I scored 5 goals which may be the most I’ve ever scored in a game…where were these skills when I was playing in college!?217237_1009903772260_1172_n

The girls I coach also played on Monday night and won 4-0.  My dad was a sideline ref for the game so he gave me a full report when he got home that night.  They were passing the ball, being aggressive and were making beautiful crosses.  Even after a long and tiring weekend they could still come out and play well which makes me proud!

Last night I went for a 4 mile run to keep easing myself back into running so I can be ready when marathon training starts again at the end of the month.  My knee has been bothering me since my first game back though so I’m starting to worry a little.  I’m hoping it’s simply sore from playing but I will keep an eye on it throughout the week to make sure nothing is seriously wrong with it.

Tonight, I will be going to another scavenger hunt run with Russell.  Russell played soccer with my brother in college so he quickly became another big brother to me.  He is currently working on getting into the Chicago Marathon through a charity.  The scavenger hunt run this week will take us through a different part of Buffalo and will include new picture challenges.

While I’m at the store, I will also talk to the trainers about my knee and see if there is anything they can suggest.  Everyone at the store is so knowledgeable and helpful!

Fingers crossed that we don’t get rained on tonight…Have a good Wednesday and I will see you all on Friday!


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