Sorry for the Delay

Sorry I missed you all on Friday, I had a crazy day at the office followed by a busy Father’s Day weekend and didn’t have a chance to post.  I hope you all treated your dad’s to something special this weekend!

Yesterday morning, we went to brunch with my brother and his girlfriend out in Buffalo then went back to their place for a bit to chat and hang out.  They recently moved into their own place and have done so much since my parents last saw it.  Originally, my dad was supposed to ref a soccer game last night so we were going to have to miss the BBQ that Michael and Pam had planned for our families.  Seemingly at the final hour, my dad found a replacement for the night so we were able to not only go to the BBQ but watch my brother play in his soccer game before.

All in all, it was a good Father’s Day!  I’m thinking that I will need to take my dad out for a golfing night soon though.

To recap the rest of last week:

photo 1

The Underlife piece

Wednesday I attended another Scavenger Hunt run but this week was a new route.  We
ran an artsy-type route that took us around Albright Knox Art Museum as well as a small lake nearby.  This scavenger hunt had some really fun photo finds including a selfie with David, a selfie on Shakespeare’s stage and a photo of a hidden staircase.  Despite it being hot and humid, the run was so pretty and relaxing.

On Thursday, the World Cup kicked off which was exciting!  I actually spent a great deal of my weekend watching the games.  On Saturday, I woke up and went for an 8 mile run, which is my longest distance since the marathon.  I surprisingly felt great and enjoyed my time out on the streets with my music.

Shakespeare's Stage for Shakespeare in the Park

Shakespeare’s Stage for Shakespeare in the Park

After the run, I hopped in the shower to get ready to run some errands with my mom.  She needed to pick up some gifts for friends and coworkers so I went along for the ride.  It was a cool day so I got a coffee along the way and treated her to an Iced Chai Latte.

After the errand running we went home for a relaxing day.  We just kind of hung out, read our books and watched A LOT of soccer.  When my dad got home from reffing a soccer tournament, we sat down to catch one of the games too.  We are absolutely a soccer household (my brother played in college as well) so we love the World Cup.

Tonight I my little girls have a game against one of the more competitive teams in the league but I think my girls will do just fine.  They have been working hard and found a rhythm on the field which is so helpful.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday and hopefully you can watch some soccer!


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