Training Has Officially Begun

Good afternoon everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend and that nobody is too heartbroken about USA’s tie last night to Portugal (ok, maybe I’m the one who’s heartbroken).

Last night, we had simple BBQ foods for dinner but got to enjoy the game on our back deck!  We have a cool firepit table and a covered awning so it’s the perfect summer hang out.  My mom, dad and myself enjoyed the evening out on the porch and had to try to keep our excitement (and disappointment) down so we didn’t disturb the neighbors.

My view of the game last night!

My view of the game last night!

Another great part of yesterday was that it was the first official training day for my Chicago Marathon!  There is officially 16 weeks until race day and I feel that I am ready to start training again.  The first and second weeks are fairly light but I’m trusting in the training.  When it comes to preparing for any event (5k, half marathon, soccer season, ext.) it is important to follow a plan as best as possible.  You don’t want to put in too many miles too early so that you don’t reach your peak fitness condition at the improper time.  TIMING IS EVERYTHING!

Today I am not running because I am playing in a soccer game tonight instead but I will get the miles in later on this week.  Now that it’s officially summer and I’m back to officially training, I am going to be making a few changes.  First, I am going to switch all my runs to the morning so that I can beat the heat.  Next, I am going to incorporate some strength training with the help of my old track coach. And lastly, I am adjusting my eating so that I really stick to that 80% – 85% healthy and 15% – 20% indulgent.

Today for breakfast, I had a delicious egg white sandwich that I made at home and lunch was an amazing tabbouleh.  The tabbouleh had lots of fresh veggies and a light dressing.  Be sure to check out my Recipes page for step-by-step directions and pictures! photo 2

Enjoy your Monday and I will see you all again on Wednesday!


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