Hornets Nests and Sniffly Noses

Hey everyone!  Today has been quite the day.  Yesterday I woke up not feeling very good; I was very sleepy and groggy.  We went and ran some errands and that woke me up a little bit but as the day went on it appeared that I was starting a nasty cold.

This morning when the alarm went off at 5am, I really thought about rolling over and sleeping until the latest I possibly could but decided that getting up and into my routine may help me feel better.  After a 4 mile run and a shower, I went back into my bed for 15-20 minute cat nap which actually revitalized me more than I thought!

I grabbed some advil and ran out the door for work.  I wasn’t feeling hungry this morning so I stopped to get a hot tea which I hoped would help me feel better.  Once the medicine kicked in and I finished my tea I was actually feeling ok…I was even hungry for lunch!  Since I didn’t pack anything, I needed to grab something.  You would think this would be easy but it took some group effort at the office to finally decide on Jimmy John’s!

Jimmy John’s is one of my favorite sandwich shops from Michigan and I was so surprised to find out that there was one about 5 minutes from my office!  After a yummy lunch, I was ready to get back to work and tackle some websites.  The day went pretty smooth which is a relief since we are normally swamped at month end.jimmyjohns

After work, I got home and actually had some time to relax before I had to coach my little girls which was nice for a change.  I talked on the phone with one of my very best friends, Rachel, and caught each other up on our weekends.

Then it was off to coach!  We played this team on Thursday night and just pulled out a win.  Tonight though, the game was at our home field which our girls play great at.  They do much better when they have a bigger field because it gives them the space they need to run and pass.  Not even 5 minutes into the game, I went over to one of the benches and next thing I know my ankles were BURNING!  I looked down to see a swarm of hornets and boy were they aggressive!

I actually jumped out of sneakers and ran!  Luckily, I only got stung 5-6 times and it was all around my ankles.  The next big event was trying to get my sneakers back from the crazy hornets!  The swarm finally calmed down so we could retrieve my shoes.  The girls were so concerned about me getting stung so I was trying to get them to focus on the game; I love these girls more and more every week!

The girls ended up winning 6-0!  One of our players started the year as a developmental player but worked her butt off all indoor season and improved so much that she earned herself a spot for the summer team….and she scored her first goal tonight!  The girls cheered for her louder than I have ever heard and it was amazing to see them support each other like that.

Tomorrow is the big day!!!! USA plays Belgium at 4pm so you know what I’ll be doing tomorrow evening!  Have a great Tuesday and go USA!mensnationak


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