Girls Weekend!

Happy Friday! I am so excited because today I am driving to Michigan to have a much over-due girl’s weekend with my friends from college.  I have only been back out to Michigan twice since I left in August: once in October for my first half marathon and then in May for Alyssa’s Bridal Shower/Bachelorette weekend.

I miss my girls but with the winter we had, it was nearly impossible to travel so I am so happy to be reunited!  Dani’s birthday was the 6th so I’m sure there will be some celebrating and plenty of catching up, although we all regularly text and call. I am leaving work at 12 to drive to Detroit to meet up with Rachel and from there we will drive to Dani’s.  Rachel, Dani and I lived together along with our other close friend Megan.

Dani, Megan and myself all played soccer while Rachel played volleyball.  I met Dani and Meg through the team but didn’t get close with them until track season started; that’s where Meg and I really became close.  I then met Rachel at the end of my sophomore year of college.  My junior year of college, I lived in an on-campus apartment while Megan and Dani were roommates and Rachel lived in the same apartment complex.

This is when we all got really close and the next year we decided to find a house for the 4 of us!  We found an amazing place, moved in and lived happily ever after!  Living with a group of girls may seem difficult but with this group it was truly enjoyable.  It was great living with my best friends and I love and miss them very much!

I’m sure this weekend will create many new memories but below, I thought I would share a number of our past memories!  We had plenty of wine nights at the house, snacking evenings while watching trashy T.V. and a few nights out from time to time.

Dani and me

With Dani, ready to hit the town!

Rachel and me at graduation!

Rachel and I at graduation!

Any of you have big plans for the weekend?


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