A Beautiful Weekend

Hey Everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend!  As you know from my last post, this weekend I was out in Michigan celebrating one of my very best friend’s wedding.  I got back to town early yesterday afternoon and played a quick round of golf with my dad before I played in my last soccer game for the summer.

Enough about the boring stuff and on to the wedding talk!  On Thursday evening I arrived at Rachel’s and we ran out for a quick dinner and drink with one of her friends.  It was a nice relaxing evening after a what seemed like a long week.  Us ladies had a nice time chatting but as soon as we got back to Rachel’s we went to bed; we both had a busy weekend coming up.

guestbookOn Friday morning I headed out to Alyssa’s to begin the wedding festivities.  Immediately upon arrival I saw her beautiful guest book.  Her and Al decided to do something a little different; they had a tree drawn with their silhouettes under it and had all their guests place a fingerprint on the tree as leaves.  It turned out amazing and is actually a guest book that they can display in their home or apartment one day.

As I’ve told you, Alyssa and I have always been running buddies so we headed out for a quick 6 mile run before it was time for nails with some of the other bridesmaids.  The other girls are all so nice and we all got along great…I wish I could see them and hang out with them more!  The salon we went to was very stylish and the women doing our nails were so funny.  They joined in on our wedding gossip and even gave us some wine!

lanternceremonyAfter nails it was a mad dash to get all of us ladies ready for the rehearsal but we made it
on time.  The boys on the other hand were late because they were still feeling under the weather from a wild bachelor Thursday!  The rehearsal went smooth so we headed back to Al’s place for a fantastic rehearsal dinner.  There was so much food!!! The bridal party all hung out together and got to know each other better before the big event.  The night ended with a Chinese lantern send off.  We all wished love, happiness and good thoughts for the wonderful couple.

Saturday morning started bright and early for us ladies as hair and make-up started right at 7:30 a.m.  Thank goodness for Natalie who grabbed our coffee orders on her way to the hotel.  It was so  much fun hanging with all the ladies while we waited for our turn in the chair.  We had music going and were sharing some of our favorite memories of our time with Alyssa.makeup

After some pre-dressing pictures it was time to get our dresses on and for Alyssa to get into her wedding gown.  She looked absolutely stunning!  I have never seen her look so happy and care free…I guess that is how you know that the one you are marrying is more than perfect for you.

We picked up the groomsmen and headed to take some pre-ceremony photos downtown.  Alyssa and Al did a big first look reveal that had all of us ladies in tears.  Al was so overwhelmed by the day and how beautiful Alyssa looked.  You could see in his eyes and his face just how lucky he felt to be marrying her.  Plenty of pictures later and it was time to get back on the bus and head to the ceremony which seemed to pass in a moment.weddinggown

Flash forward to the reception – Cole and Thomas, who both were so nervous about their speeches, gave beautiful words to the bride and groom.  Then it was time for Alyssa’s dad to give his speech which left us all in tears.  Jim’s words were so sweet; he spoke about how short life is and to never blink or else you will miss some really great moments.  He touched on major milestones in Alyssa’s life and got choked up when he looked at his baby girl.  He loves Al very much and couldn’t have picked a better man for her if he tried.

The rest of the evening was filled with dancing, drinking and eating.  We were out on the dance floor the entire night and were having so much fun.  I have never seen Alyssa have so much fun and let loose like she did. ladies

All in all, it was a beautiful day that was filled with love, happiness and amazing friends.  You could feel the love in the room and I am so very blessed to have been included in her special day.  So to Alyssa, I want to say Congratulations and I know you will have a life filled with love and good fortune.

I love you both dearly and hope you have fun on your honeymoon!happycouple


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