Summer of Strength

Goodmorning again, I hope you all had a good start to the week!  I always find that my week is much better when I start on the right foot by getting my workout done and making healthy choices for food.  Before I get into my strength training overview, I have to be a proud coach first.

I have been training my team since the end of September and last night was our final game of the season.  In previous years, the girls did not win many games and certainly did not enjoy coming to practice.  I am proud to say that they worked their butts off this year and finished the season 6-3-3 which was a 3rd place finish!  Even better than that, they only gave up 9 goals the whole season!  I am so proud of the girls for working hard and putting in the effort to get better 🙂  They were so fun to work with!

Now on to strength training: I did not do any strength training my last marathon training cycle which was fine because I was focusing on getting my miles in and building my endurance.  This time around though, I am starting with a much stronger base and feel that this is a natural progression for me.  In college, I would lift 2-3 times per week for track and my body loved it!

I had an idea of what I needed to be doing to properly strengthen my muscles but rather than risk injury, I reached out to my track coach for help.  He made me an amazing strength endurance schedule that I know will kick my butt (in a good way).  The schedule involves 3 days of lifting per week which I will organize around my hardest runs.

For marathon training, it is important to not tire your legs with strength work before your big runs which has led me to the decision of lifting on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  Tuesday is my workout day for running and will include hills, tempo runs, progression runs and 800m repeats; I will do my lift after this run is complete.  Thursdays are a moderate day usually resulting in 5 miles (on average).  Saturdays are the longest run of the week but a good lift afterwards will push me to where I need to be in order to gain strength.

Today will be Day 1 of lifting and the workout will consist of squats, deadlifts, planks, hip extensions and plenty of ab work.  The workout was designed to work multiple muscles in one movement so really, each exercise has full body engagement.

Day 1
Clock Squats EL
SL Deadlift w/Arm T’s EL
Plank w/Med Ball Knee Drive EL
Hip Extensions EL
MB Twisters
MB Accordions
MB Sit Ups

Tell me: what does your workout look like today?


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