Confidence Restored and A Look Ahead

Good afternoon everyone, it’s Monday again!  I hope you all had a great weekend and avoided the bit of rain we had here.

Saturday is my long run day each week and this week, I had a 12 mile run at a very hilly location.  As most of you know, I train through a running store and this was one of our designated runs so there was a large group of us out there that day which always helps when you start feeling tired.  As for my llamas, it was just Michelle, Cindi and I who tackled the hills.

Our meeting place for the run

Our meeting place for the run

The park that we ran at is somewhere I want to go one of these weekends just to explore.  There are hiking paths, running trails, a disc golf course and even a special something called “the eternal flame”.  I would love to get a nice trail run in, play some disc golf and take a dip in the waterfall!  This will have to be on my to-do list for the rest of the summer.

Back to the run, it was the PERFECT day for a long run.  It was mid-60s with a little bit of sun and a light breeze.  You can’t ask for better conditions.  After a quick warm-up, we were off.  The great thing about running in an organized group is that there are always other people around to help encourage you but there are also designated water stops!  Our trainers set-up water every 2 miles so you are never going long without a drink being available.

This particular run was so calm and peaceful.  Even though there were some big hills, I felt relaxed the whole time; maybe it was the pretty views or maybe it was NSYNC on my iPod.  I’m very proud of the whole group for finishing such a challenging run.  In the future, I will have two 20 mile runs at this location but after finishing the run this week, my confidence has been restored.

The view from our meeting place

The view from our meeting place

I was beginning to feel as if I was not in as good of shape as I should be but I think that was stemming from doing so much of my training on my own.  Now that I am back in the groove and will be at the group runs, I know that I will be more than ready for Chicago.

And now, a look at the upcoming week:

Monday: 5 miles

Tuesday: 6 miles and Day 1 lift

Wednesday: 4 miles

Thursday: 5 miles and Day 2 lift

Friday: Off Day

Saturday: 16 miles and Day 3 lift

Did you do anything exciting these weekend?


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