The Perfect Run

Happy Thursday, you are officially one step closer to the weekend!  I have to tell you though, that I was a little disappointed this morning when I woke up thinking it was Friday, only to realize I have 1 more day to go.

Last night, I had what I would consider the perfect run.  I got home from work yesterday not feeling overly motivated to head out for my 6 mile run but knew I would feel better once it was over so I changed my clothes and hit the streets.  Typically, I run way too fast for shorter runs (when I say shorter, I mean anything under 10).  I tend to be right around the 8 minute per mile pace but can really ramp up the speed towards the end of the run.  It’s not that I’m trying to run that pace but I just try to let my legs dictate the pace and unfortunately, that tends to be it!

During these runs I also tend to have a lot going on in my head.  I think about how far I’ve run, how far I still need to run, what’s for dinner, what I should share with you in my blog, my ever-growing to-do list and so much more (it makes me dizzy just thinking about it).  I think that all these thoughts take their toll on my body – the more I think about, the more tense I get.

This all changed last night though – I went out and seemingly thought about NOTHING the entire time.  I put my iPod on shuffle and found myself simply enjoying the music rather than trying to think.  In fact, at one point during my run, I looked around and realized that I was already 4.5 miles in and didn’t even realize it, the miles just flew by!  My mind was totally relaxed and my body followed that trend.

I completed my 6 miles in just under 50 minutes but didn’t feel like I was straining myself.

Tonight I have a 5 mile run and my Day 2 lift to complete.  Lucky for me, my friend Christine from work is going to run and do the lift with me!  She just started training for her first half marathon that she will run in November.  I am so excited for her and can’t wait to run tonight!

What makes a run “perfect” for you?


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