Off to a Great Start

Goodmorning everyone – we are halfway through the week!

So far, I am off to a great start with my weekly goals.  I did a nice 6 mile run on Monday and last night I completed my speed workout as planned.  By the time I got home from work it was raining which I actually enjoy running in.  However, the thunder and lightning forced me to hit the gym for a treadmill run.

I kept my warm up and cool down pace relaxed but really ramped up the speed when it came time to do the 400m repeats.  I bumped the speed up to a 7:00 minute per mile pace for the sprints and then relaxed in between for recovery.  I felt strong and in control but whew was I sweaty by the end!

After my workout, I went home for dinner and it was amazing!  My mom found a recipe in one of her magazines for pasta with summer vegetables and she knew we would love it.  It was made with slow roasted tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, squash and fresh mozzarella!  We used whole wheat pasta instead of white and topped it with some additional cheese and red pepper flakes.  It was so good that I brought some for my lunch today! photo 1

The veggies were nicely cooked with a little bit of bite left to them.  I find mushy vegetables to be a little off-putting so when they are cooked through and have a slight crunch to them, it’s perfect!  Despite it being a pasta dish, it was very light.  Often times I feel heavy and weighed down after enjoying pasta so this was a nice change.

Tonight I am going to head out for my 4 mile run as soon as I get home from work and will complete Day 1 of my lift later on this evening.  My brother and his girlfriend are coming for dinner so it will be nice to spend some time with them.

How are you doing on your weekly goals so far?


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