44 Miles and New Goals

Doesn’t it seem like the weekends always fly by too fast!? This one was no exception.  I have to report to you all that last week I kept my goal of completing all my runs on their designated day and it felt great! I unfortunately did not get any morning runs in nor did I complete all of my strength training workouts…whoops!  I will just have to set new goals this week and do better.

Wednesday evening I got a quick 4 miles in and on Thursday I completed a relaxing 6 miles.  My runs this week left me feeling strong rather than tired which just shows that I am getting stronger!  This week I am up to a 44 mile week so my body knows that peak week and race day are right around the corner.

On Saturday, we had an 18 mile run that went great!  I was feeling pretty tired and was muscling through the final miles but keeping a consistent pace helped.  The weather was absolutely perfect – mid 60’s with some clouds and a light breeze.  I was sweating by the end but it felt comfortable.  It still amazes me that I can run 18 miles – that never seemed possible before this year!

After the run on Saturday, I came home to shower before my mom and I headed out for some shopping.  I found an amazing leather jacket that I absolutely love and can’t wait to wear all fall!  Later that evening, my parents and I went to a local bar/restaurant for a going away party for a dear friend.  Sunday was very low-key for me – I cleaned out all of my drawers and donated a bunch of clothes.

Tonight, I am going to get my run in as soon as I am done with work then I’m going to watch my brother and his girlfriend play kickball.

As usual, my workouts for the week are below and I have come up with new goals for this week.

Workouts for the Week:

Monday: 6 miles

Tuesday: 7 miles with hills

Wednesday: 6 miles

Thursday: 5 miles

Friday: Off day

Saturday: 20 miles

Goals for the Week:

  • Complete all runs on designated days
  • Complete 10 minutes of core work every night
  • Complete at least 1 strength training workout

What are your goals this week?


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