Relaxed Runs

Goodmorning and Happy Wednesday!  This week is going great so far – I’ve been getting my runs in, doing some core work and staying on schedule.  I have also been eating great thanks to my meal prep on Sunday evening.

As you know, on Sundays, my family (or should I say my dad) goes grocery shopping.  We wake up, have our coffee and tea at the kitchen table and come up with a game plan for the week.  This includes figuring out who is around for dinner and deciding what to eat each night.  Planning it out in advance allows us to have all the ingredients we need to make a healthy meal at home rather than ordering out (plus it saves some money for fun things).

Included in this weekly plan is my lunch.  This week, I decided I wanted to have salads as opposed to my usual sandwiches.  I just feel like a salad is much more filling and for me, more exciting.  My dad bought fresh Romaine leaves which I cut up, washed and spun.  My salads have been made using a good base of lettuce and topped with corn, black beans, cheese and an Asiago Italian dressing…soo good!  I love when a salad is crispy and fresh.

As for my runs this week, I was successful on Monday night and made it out for a 6 mile run after work.  Last night, I went out for my 7 mile run and felt pretty good.  For at least a week now, I have tried to pull back on the pacing.  When I run on my own, I tend to run too fast (7:45 – 8:00 minute pace), which sometimes leaves me feeling worn out.  However, lately I have set my iPod to play and relaxed (8:15 – 8:40 minute pace).  The past week or so I have had some of the best runs in my life!  Now I just need to stick with this relaxed mentality.

Tonight, I hope to get my 6 mile run in as soon as possible in hopes to avoid the rain.  I love the feeling of running in the rain but my hair definitely does not.  My hair isn’t overly thick but I have a ton of layers and a lot of hair that tends to become a big ball of mess when I run in the rain so I try to avoid it when possible.

I hope you all are having a great week; I would love to hear how your goals are going so far!


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