I Apologize for the Delay

Goodmorning fellow fitness fanatics! I am so sorry for the lack of posts last week but there has been quite a bit of excitement going on for my family.  As you already know, my brother and his girlfriend got engaged! But what you don’t know is that I have officially accepted a new career opportunity out in Michigan!!

I went to school in Michigan for 5 years and made friends who became family. My undergrad degree is in Advertising and Marketing Management while I also have a graduate degree in Management.  Marketing is my true passion and I am just so excited that I finally get to work in the field I love with an amazing company!

I start my new job on September 15th so this week has been full of looking for an apartment online, taking inventory of the items I have and creating lists of the items I will need.  My mom and I also hit the mall to take advantage of the great Labor Day sales and get a few more business professional items for my wardrobe.

As for my running last week, I was successful and completed all of my designated runs! They were not necessarily on the designated day but miles are miles.  As for this week, I am already off to a great start! Yesterday, I met up with Michelle for 15 miles and man was it muggy!! By the time we were finished, we had rivers running down our legs and arms (gross, I know, but it happens).

In the middle of the run, we met up with one of Michelle’s friends who ran 4 miles with us.  Jen is so kind and nice so it was a great break from our bike path run.  Michelle and I both felt good until the last bit; by that point, we were willing ourselves not to stop.  I think it had more to do with the extreme humidity and less to do with our fitness.

As for this week, I have short runs planned for the next three days (3 and 4 mile days) with my long run planned for Sunday.  This week I am back up to 18 miles! I am approaching peak week rapidly but the best part of that is knowing that taper time is right around the corner!

I hope you all had a great Labor Day holiday! Did anyone do anything fun?


2 thoughts on “I Apologize for the Delay

    • Thank you so much for the support! I will be a Marketing Assistant so I will get to do a little bit of everything from event planning, social media, website work and more! I’m looking forward to learning even more about the industry and my field.

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