Exhausting Weekend

Goodmorning Everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. My family had quite the busy weekend so I am still feeling the tired today.

On Friday after my mom got out of work, my mom, dad and myself jumped in the car and drove to Michigan.  I have been working with a realtor on finding a place to live when I start my job next week so we went to view our potential options.  She sent me a huge list of properties ranging from condos and duplexes to apartment complexes.  We chose 4 to see – 2 apartment complexes, 1 condo and 1 duplex. Unfortunately, we were unable to see one property because there were bids on it to be purchased.

We arrived to the hotel around 9:30 on Friday evening after a very tense, stressful and scary drive.  While we were in Canada the weather took a turn for the worst.  It started with tons of lightning and dark clouds and ended with sheets of rain pouring down.  The visibility was so bad that other drivers were pulling off the highway to wait the storm out.  Unfortunately, this weather lasted well into Michigan as well so we were all pleased to make it to hotel safe and sound.  Dinner was the best part of the day on Friday because we ordered Jet’s Pizza which is my favorite!  We don’t have it here in New York so my family HAS to get it at least once while we are in Michigan.

Saturday morning I was up pretty early and headed to the hotel gym.  There was a treadmill, an elliptical and some hand weights.  I hopped on the treadmill to get my miles in for the day and it definitely helped with the stress, anxiety and excitement that was building.  We saw our first property at 10 a.m. which was in a great location!

After that, my realtor drove us around the city so we could see all the sights and attractions.  Seeing the city really got me excited and I know I am going to be happy there!  After the tour, we went on to see two other properties.

Here is a breakdown of my thoughts on each place:

Option 1: I loved the location of this one – I would be in walking distance of work, bars, restaurants and shops which will definitely save on gas and parking (it’s a mess to park).  I also liked that my bedroom was on the second floor.  It had great storage space including 2 big closets in my bedroom.  Really the location was the selling point.

Option 2: This place was beautiful!  It was in a complex so the apartment was immaculate.  They completely clean the apartment prior to your arrival which is great.  This one had a washer and dryer right in the unit which is very convenient.  Also, the management team and maintenance team seem very kind and accommodating.

Option 3: Although this one had the same square footage as the others, it just felt small.  It was described as a “half studio” which really only means that they added a wall to separate the kitchen from the living and kitchen areas. This facility was not as clean and pristine as the second and the location was away from all the things I would need (including a grocery store).

In case you can’t tell from the thoughts above, I ended up choosing the first place and am currently waiting to hear if it is mine so keep your fingers crossed J

As for the rest of the weekend, yesterday, my mom and I spent most of the day at a Bridal Show with my brother, his fiancé and her mom.  It was fun to walk around and see the different vendors but the best part was the fashion show.  The dresses were so beautiful and the guys in the show were such hams! The girls were more reserved but I think the guys were trying to out-do each other on the silliness.

Last night we all just relaxed after such a whirlwind of events.  This is my last week of work before I start my new chapter!  For my running, I have surprisingly been very good about sticking to schedule despite the craziness going on.  Tonight I am going for an 18 mile run with some shorter miles coming the rest of the week until my longest run of training on Saturday (22 miles…wowza!)

How was your weekend? Did you celebrate some nice weather?


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