Better After a Run

Happy Tuesday everyone! I can’t believe this is my last week of work and that my final day is Thursday…this week is already flying past.

As you know, Saturday is traditionally my long run day but with the excitement and craziness of the weekend, I had to rearrange some things.  Last night I was scheduled to run 18 miles but it got cut to 17 (1 mile won’t kill me, right!?) because it was too dark out.  Even by the time I made a turn at 13 miles it was too dark to be out there but because I am stubborn, I wouldn’t let myself finish with anything less than 16 miles.

For me, the run was perfect.  It was a very nostalgic run for me last night – the sun was setting for parts of the run while other times I was alone in the dark.  I passed my elementary school, middle school and high school as well as ran by the ice cream store that was my first job and all the soccer fields that I’ve played on.  I have to say, it was the perfect last long run in my hometown.

My late night run inspired me for today’s blog post.  As I was going about my evening, I just kept thinking, “ahh ‘blank’ is so much better after a long run!” So today, I have compiled my own personal list of things that are better after a long run!

  1. Steaming Hot Showers! Nothing feels better than washing the sweat and salt away or standing in the hot water until there is none left (sorry Mom and Dad)
  2. Hot Tea or Coffee. After my Saturday long runs, I tend to stop and grab a coffee on my way home and it instantly makes my entire body feel better.
  3. Ice Cold Water. Of course ice cold water is great on a hot day but when you are hot, sweaty and just ran, I swear that ice cold water tastes like heaven.
  4. Last night we had tacos for dinner which I ate after my run but it just didn’t hit the spot like a big breakfast would. Bring on the eggs, pancakes, bacon, French toast and waffles!
  5. Watching a Movie. When you know your toughest part of the day is over, it is a million times easier to relax and enjoy!
  6. Climbing Into Bed or the Couch. I have never sunk into a couch or bed quite like I do after a long run. Your muscles are sore, tired and achy from the hard work and instantly feel rewarded when you plop yourself down.
  7. Rolling Out. Although this always feels good, there is something special about rolling out after a long run. Your muscles are so tight and sore that you can’t help but enjoy!

I want to hear from you: What activity do you find to be better after a run?