Last Day Of Work

Goodafternoon! Today is my last day of work and it is almost over! I still can’t believe that after today I won’t be coming back – and that I’m moving to Michigan! I am so excited and can’t wait for the new adventures that are waiting for me.

I took Tuesday night off from running as I ran heavy miles the night before and because it was my birthday! I received so many nice messages from my family and friends.  After work, I went home and spent a little time with my mom and brother before I headed out to get my nails done.  Of course I went with a purpley-pink although I wish I would have checked out the color name since I love it so much!

After nails, my mom and I had yummy sandwiches and my favorite chocolate cake dessert from a local restaurant! The rest of the night was spent relaxing and talking – there is so much going on in our family right now and we are so blessed to have so much good news.

Last night was also an off night for me as I went bridesmaid dress shopping with my brother’s fiancée, her mom, my mom, and 2 other bridesmaids.  It was a lot of fun trying on dresses! Most of the dresses we tried on were strapless and flowy which was flattering for all 3 of us bridesmaids that were there.  We ended up going to 2 bridal salons and I believe the beautiful bride to be has narrowed it down to a few choices!

Today at work, we had a potluck to celebrate the Bills staying in Buffalo but it worked out nicely that it is also my last day! After work will be a quick happy hour to send me off followed by a birthday dinner at my parent’s house.  My birthday was Tuesday and my brothers is on Friday so we are doing a joint dinner.  I do need to get a 4 or 5 mile run in at some point to stay on top of my training!

How do you celebrate birthdays in your family? Do you workout on your birthday or do you pamper yourself?